novembre 11, 2022

Laboratoires SMB’s cholecalciferol product is ideal in prevention of the seasonal bronchiolitis epidemic

Currently, the bronchiolitis epidemic is globally accelerating and worsening. This common lung infection affects essentially young infants provoking coughs and difficulties in breathing and increases the risk of hospitalization in intensive units and/or the length of stay in hospitals and children.
octobre 7, 2022

AXAHALER, SMB’s proprietary DPI Device Shows Its Superiority over other Devices

An independent study has shown that Laboratoires SMB’s Axahaler has a superior delivered dose when compared to other devices. The Fine Particle Dose, the respirable dose critical
septembre 15, 2022

LABORATOIRES S.M.B. S.A. Successfully Concluded A Clinical Trial for Cholecalciferol

Laboratoires S.M.B.S.A. is the first company that has successfully concluded a study to show that its Vitamin D product positively impacts the clinical outcome of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.
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