• Pellets refers to an agglomeration process that converts powders of bulk active substances and excipients into free-flowing, spherical or semi-spherical microgranules (from 0,5 to 2 mm).
  • SMB’s pellets, manufactured by a granulation-extrusion-spheronisation process, are composed of a core containing the active ingredient and a porous membrane made of insoluble methacrylic polymers. This particular formulation explains the controlled-release properties of these pellets.
  • The main advantages of pellets versus regular tablet are:

– Prolonged and smooth release during 24 hours allowing a once-daily administration.

– Therapeutic effect independent from the intake of food.

– Better compliance.

– Good tolerability, reducing side effects by maintaining plasma levels within the therapeutic zone.

– Stable therapeutic effect.

– Possibility of developing different dosage strengths.

– Pellet-released active ingredients may offer a higher bioavailability than usual drugs.