• Divule® is a trademark of SMB group. It is a dosage form that consists of a high-gloss gelatine coating a caplet core, which results in a capsule that looks like a tablet.
  • Divule® combines the qualities of a gelatine capsule with the density of a tablet, creating an exciting dosage form that can be custom-engineered to meet specific product performance criteria. A unique combination of a great uniformity of mass coupled to a high performance scoring concept provides unique therapeutic advantages.
  • The outside gelatine shell is taste-free, and is backed by decades of safe and effective utilization in oral dosage applications.
  • Divule® provides divisibility allowing the health professionals to exploit a unique dose flexibility to adapt the treatment regimen to the needs of his patients. Divule® improves patient adherence to the treatment by allowing him to divide his tablets for easier swallowing.
  • The SMB group has developed more than 5 commercially successful products with this technology spanning across a wide range of therapeutic indications.
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