About us


Unmet Medical Needs

We promote the use of evidence based medicine to develop affordable innovative products which address unmet medical needs


Reaching our patients

We have developed an international network of long standing collaborations with distributors worldwide to ensure that patients gain access to our products



Our exclusive manufacturing partner is constantly improving to reach the highest standards of quality and it has been approved by regulatory authorities from all around the world including AFMPS (Belgium), ANVISA (Brazil), MFDS (Korea), Saudi FDA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), GCC (Gulf Council), Kazakhstan, Belarus, TFDA (Taiwan)

Local relays

Galephar P/R
SR925 KM 1.6 Rio Abajo WD,
Humacao, 00792
United States of America

Galephar Netherlands B.V.
Rouboslaan 32
2252 TR Voorschoten
the Netherlands

Ergo Maroc
108, rue Pierre Parent
20110 Casablanca

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