LABORATOIRES S.M.B. S.A. Successfully Concluded A Clinical Trial for Cholecalciferol

AXAHALER, SMB’s proprietary DPI Device Shows Its Superiority over other Devices
octobre 7, 2022

A molecular model of the hormonally active form of Vitamin D3, also known as Calcitriol, Rocaltrol or Calcijex.

Laboratoires S.M.B.S.A. is the first company that has successfully concluded a study to show that its Vitamin D product positively impacts the clinical outcome of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

Laboratoires S.M.B. S.A is proud claim that its treatment regimen with its cholecalciferol product significantly reduces the hospitalization length, the need for supplemental oxygen, and it improved the WHO score among patients with COVID-19.

This confirms our commitment to answer patient’s needs and improve their health through close collaboration with the academic sector and healthcare professionals.

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