Dry powder for inhalation

  • The pulmonary route presents several advantages in the treatment of respiratory diseases over other administration routes leading to the systemic delivery of drugs. Drug inhalation enables a rapid and predictable onset of action and induces fewer side effects than administration by other routes.
  • Our technology for Dry Powder for Inhalation (DPI) is currently the most convenient administration route as DPI are breath-actuated and do not require the use of any propellants.
  • Our innovative approach is based on a great expertise accumulated for over two decades of research. It is a combination of an improved device, named Axahaler®, and improved pharmaceutical product linked to a patented formulation and an innovative capsule.
  • Our device has a very low resistance to airflow, needs only two individual needles to puncture the capsules. It is compact providing ease of transport and discretion of use.
  • Our capsules are less subject to brittleness since they are less sensitive to humidity. As such, they increase the patients safety during its treatment.

Finally, the patient has three control points during its treatment:

  • Acoustic : the whizzing noise generated by the capsule sin the device chamber.
  • Visual : the transparency of the capsule allows the patient to control that the powder has effectively left the capsule for his lungs.
  • Taste : the powder we use leaves a slightly sweet sensation in the mouth allowing the patient feel that his administration has been successful.
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