Lidose® is a trademark of SMB group. It is the denomination of a hard gelatine capsule filled with liquid or semi-liquid lipidic contents.

  • The active substance is mixed with the melted excipient where it disperses or dissolves. The mixture is then filled into hard gelatine capsules and then cooled under specific and constant conditions.
  • This technology offers the possibility to use hard gelatine capsules for applications such as:

– low dosing substances.

– unstable light, air or humidity sensitive substances.

– slightly soluble drugs.

  • The main advantages of the Lidose® technology are:

– Greater tolerability (less risk of gastric irritation).

– Rapid absorption.

– Better protection of the active ingredient against oxidation.

– Suprabioavailable properties (increased bioavailibility between 20% and 80%).

– Less food dependence.

– Lower variability of inter-subject absorption.

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