Budesonide + Salmeterol
120/20µg and 240/20µg

  • Budesonide/salmeterol is an innovative LABA/ICS combination developed by Laboratoires SMB used in the treatment in asthma.
  • It combines the safest LABA with the most efficient ICS.
  • Our patented Budesonide/Salmeterol fixed dose combination product is proposed as capsules containing dry powder for inhalation in the strengths 120/20µg and 240/20µg in HPMC capsules to be used with the Axahaler® DPI device. Additional dosage will be included for the pediatric population.
  • Clinical studies : full clinical development including phase II and phase III clinical studies. On-going pediatric clinical study.
  • Publications : Todor A. Popov, Sophie De Niet & Francis Vanderbist. Budesonide/ salmeterol in fixed-dose combination for the treatment of asthma. Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine, 2016 Feb;10(2):113-25.
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