AXAHALER, SMB’s proprietary DPI Device Shows Its Superiority over other Devices

LABORATOIRES S.M.B. S.A. Successfully Concluded A Clinical Trial for Cholecalciferol
septembre 15, 2022
Laboratoires SMB’s cholecalciferol product is ideal in prevention of the seasonal bronchiolitis epidemic
novembre 11, 2022

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An independent study has shown that Laboratoires SMB’s Axahaler has a superior delivered dose when compared to other devices. The Fine Particle Dose (FDP), the respirable dose critical to achieve treatment efficiency through inhalation treatment. There are 3 products in SMB’s portfolio : formoterol, fluticasone with enhanced bioavailability and its innovative ICS/LABA combination containing Budesonide and Salmeterol

This study confirms Laboratoires SMB ‘s expertise in Dry Powder inhalation, fruit of more than 20 years of research and development into such drug delivery systems.

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