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Since more than 50 years, S.M.B. uses its experience, its know-how and the best existing technologies to identify and develop its own pharmaceutical forms that are designed to improve patients outcomes. The goal of S.M.B’s galenical development is to achieve better efficacy and better tolerance of the medicine and thus better patient compliance. In S.M.B., R&D is perhaps the most vocational activity, while at the same time, being involved into the medicine production and marketing activity that allows us to maintain our independence as a company.

For Northern Europe and Russia, Latin America,
South-East Asia, Far East, Africa :

Director of International Operations

For Southern Europe, Eastern Europe
& CIS, Middle East :

Business Development Manager

Pharmacovigilance Department

For any question regarding the use of our medicines, you can contact us at:

Rue de la Pastorale 26-28,
1080 Brussels, Belgium

Tel.: (+32) 2 411 48 28
Fax: (+32) 2 412 09 69